The Intellectual Property & Science business of Clarivate announces it was selected by Alzheimer’s Research UK, the Institute of Physics, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to provide essential data and insight into ground-breaking scientific initiatives.

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The Data Citation IndexSM on the Web of KnowledgeSM platform to provide a single point of access to quality research data from repositories across disciplines and around the world. Through linked content and summary information, this data is displayed within the broader context of the scholarly research, enabling users to gain perspective that is lost when data sets or repositories are viewed in isolation. These connections allow researchers to efficiently access to an array of data across subjects and regions, providing a.comprehensive picture of research output, to maximize research efforts and accurately assess importance.

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The Book Citation Index in Web of Science connects a library’s book collection to powerful new discovery tools, giving researchers the ability to quickly and easily identify and access the most relevant books. As a part of Web of Science, Book Citation Index allows users to search seamlessly across books, journals and conference proceedings to find the information most relevant to their work within one platform.




Download the case studyAre your researchers getting an accurate picture of their impact?
The h-index is very often miscalculated when the full extent of an author’s past research is not taken into account. This can have significant implications for the success of an institution and the credibility of a researcher, as shown in this downloadable case study.

Researchers need a full view of prior work. Web of Science® from 1900


Download Heisenberg's case studyHow does the past work of Werner Karl Heisenberg impact current research?
Werner Karl Heisenberg ,Co-founder of quantum mechanics, is one of the most important physicists of the twentieth century. He discovered one of the central principles of modern physics, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1932. His work is still influential today — still highly cited and influencing today’s award-winning scientists. PDF


Download the proceedings white paperConference proceedings and their impact on global research
Every year, thousands of professionals in the sciences and social sciences gather to refresh their skills, network and collaborate with their colleagues, and learn about the latest developments in their field. At these worldwide gatherings — whether they are conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia, workshops or conventions — participants present the ideas and paths that will shape the future of research. The proceedings that result are frequently referred to and highly cited in subsequent research papers. PDF

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