Add Web of Science Search Box to your web page

Add the following Web of Science search box to your web page:

Web of Science

Search Web of Science™

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Here's how...

1. Select a database:
The Search Box performs a topic search against your database of choice, based on your institution's subscription. NOTE: Only select a database to which you are subscribed.

Web of Science™ (All Database Search)*
Web of Science™ Core Collection
Biological Abstracts®
BIOSIS Previews®
CAB Abstracts
Derwent Innovation Index™
Zoological Record
  Journal Citation Reports

*TheAll Database Search search box above performs an all database search against the Web of Science for products to which you are entitled.

2. Generate the code:


NOTE: Click the Clear code button if you wish to re-generate the code with a different database. Then select a database and click the Generate button again.

3. Copy the code:
Click the Highlight All button above the generated code window. Copy [Ctrl + C] the script. Then paste [Ctrl + V] the code into the BODY section of your HTML document where you want the search box to appear.

How to set-up the Web of Science Search Box for proxy access

The following suggestion has worked well for some customers using proxy servers to access Web of Science, particularly EZ proxy.

After copying the generated code above, replace the URL string:



With the url string rewritten in accordance to your proxy server rules. For example:



For customers who use ezproxy with the proxy-by-port option, please use this alternative code for the search box (replace http://ezproxy.domain.com below with the address to your ezproxy):


Please contact Global Customer Support if you require additional assistance.