Add Web of Science search to your browser search bar on Firefox or IE

Here's how:

  1. Visit wokinfo.com and expand the search provider icon located in the upper right hand corner of your browser.
    Expand search provider pulldown menu
  2. From the pulldown menu, click Add Search Providers and expand it to select Web of Science:
    Add search providers pulldown menu
  3. A confirmation box will verify that you want to add Web of Science to the list of search providers. Click Add Provider. At this time you may also choose to make Web of Science your default search provider
    Add provider confirmation box
    After you click Add Provider, the Web of Science search will be added to the list of search providers available from your browser.
  4. Web of Science will now appear in the search field and in the list of options below. You can easily switch between Web of Science and other search engines. Your browser will remember the last one you used and keep it as your default until you select another. Select a different search provider by selecting it from the pulldown menu. Choose "Change Search Defaults" to change the order of display.
    Select ISI Web of Science as search provider
  5. To search Web of Science from your browser, select Web of Science from the search providers pulldown menu, enter your search terms in the search box and hit <ENTER>:
    Search ISI Web of Science
  6. Your search will be conducted in the Web of Science and return the results:
    ISI Web of Science search results page
    You can continue as you would any Web of Science search.

Please note that only FireFox 2 and above and IE 7 and above are supported.