You are entitled to access the product, download or extract reasonable amounts of data from the product that are required for the activities you carry out individually or as part of your employment, and include insubstantial portions of extracted data in your work documents and reports, provided that such documents or reports are for the benefit of (and belong to) your organization, or where such documents or reports are intended for the benefit of third parties (not your organization ), extracted data is immaterial in the context of such documents or reports and used only for illustrative/demo purposes.

Clarivate Analytics determines a “reasonable amount” of data to download by.comparing your download activity against the average annual download rates for all Clarivate Analytics clients using the product in question. Clarivate Analytics determines an “insubstantial portion” of downloaded data to mean an amount of data taken from the product which (1) would not have significant.commercial value of its own; and (2) would not act as a substitute for access to a Clarivate Analytics product for someone who does not have access to the product.

You are not entitled to do anything that would cause a breach of the terms of the agreement between your organization and Thomson Reuters, such as (1) allowing anyone else to use your username/password, (2) downloading excessive amounts of data, (3) providing data to anyone else, other than in licensed, source-acknowledged documents or reports created as part of your normal work, (4) archiving or using downloaded data to create a derivative database or metrics, (5) using the product or any downloaded data to provide services to anyone outside your organization, or (6) using the product in a way that risks damaging, disabling, overburdening or impairing the operation of the product, or any other person’s use or enjoyment of the product.