Upload FAQs

Welcome to our ResearcherID Upload FAQ for ResearcherID Web Services. We hope you will find this information useful. The answers to the following questions should help you determine if ResearcherID Web Services are right for you.

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What is ResearcherID Upload?

What are the benefits of the ResearcherID Upload Service?

Who will use this service?

How do I get access to ResearcherID Upload?

Do I need to be a Web of Science™ or Web of Science Core Collection subscriber to use ResearcherID Upload?

What fields are used for lookup of publication metadata against Web of Science Core Collection?

What are the data fields available for Profile upload?

What are the data fields available for Publication upload?

Can account creation and publication upload happen at the same time?

What information does the Profile Creation Upload Report contain?

What information does the Publication Upload Report contain?

How does the upload service prevent the addition of duplicate items to a researcher's publication list?

How does the system check and see if a researcher already exists in ResearcherID?

What happens if a researcher already has an account in ResearcherID?

What happens if a researcher is already associated with another ResearcherID upload institution (such as if the researcher has recently moved)?

Is there a way for an institution to associate an already-registered researcher with their institution without use of ResearcherID upload?

How are researchers informed of account creation?

How are researchers informed of publication upload?

Please describe what the researcher sees the first time they log-into an upload-created account.

Please describe what the researcher sees when the institution has uploaded papers on their behalf.

As an institution, is there any way to provide an email address for my researchers to contact me via the ResearcherID interface?

Is it possible for an administrator to upload many institutions at once?

Can an account created by ResearcherID Upload be deleted? How?

If two ResearcherID accounts have been created for the same person can the accounts be merged?

Can an administrator be notified when a researcher has completed registration?

If a site does not want to or is unable to use ResearcherID Upload, is there another mechanism for faculty members to create a ResearcherID account/upload papers?

How does an administrator upload new papers to a ResearcherID Profile after the initial process?

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