What it is:

RESEARCHERID LABS is an interactive environment that facilitates further exploration, promotion and collaboration amongst researchers. The Labs environment is most useful after a publication list has been built, and includes the following features:

  • ResearcherID Badge: Advertise a member's ResearcherID profile on your Web page or Blog. The Badge creates a hovering display of recent publications, and allows viewers to also link to the member's full profile in ResearcherID
  • Collaboration Network: Visually explore who the researcher is collaborating with
  • Citing Articles Network: Visually explore citation relationships based on Web of Science data

How it works:

You can access ResearcherID Labs by clicking on the "Preview the New Features: Labs" button on any ResearcherID Profile page. However, public viewing of a researcher's Labs page is dependent on privacy settings determined by the user.

Explore how Dr. Eugene Garfield uses the Labs tools

ResearcherID Badge

Place an interactive ResearcherID badge on any web page, blog or other HTML environment. When moving the cursor over the badge, your ResearcherID profile and recent publications are displayed announcing your latest achievements. Viewers can link directly to your ResearcherID profile to view more information.

Place your cursor over the graphic below to see Dr. Garfield's ResearcherID Badge in action:

Collaboration Network

A Collaboration Network displays Dr. Garfield's research associates. An interactive world map shows the top geographic locations, and a graphical display shows his top collaborators by author, category, country/territory, or institution.

Citing Articles Network

A Citing Articles Network depicts who is citing Dr. Garfield's articles. An interactive world map shows the top geographic locations, and a graphical display shows his top citations by author, category, country/territory, institution or year.

Dr. Eugene Garfield on ResearcherID

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