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Solving local problems with global information – with over two million records from 1910 to the present

Global Health from CABI is the definitive international public health database. It.completes the picture of international medical and health research by capturing key literature not covered by other databases. Literature on developing countries, sociological aspects, and more — Global Health provides unique information on a wide range of biomedical topics, with a truly international reach.

Global Health offers:

Over 100,000 records added annually

Global Health: Over 1.2 million records from 1973 to present

Global Health Archive: Over .8 million records from 1910 to 1972


Why Global Health from CABI

  • Find.comprehensive global and regional public health coverage
  • Access valuable citation information – including Times Cited and Related Records® for shared items (Web of Science™ Core Collection subscription required)
  • Uncover relevant results in related fields
  • Detect emerging trends that help you pursue successful research and grant acquisition
  • Follow the history or methodology of a topic
  • See where top researchers are publishing and presenting findings
  • Identify potential collaborators with significant publication records
  • Ease searching, writing, and bibliography creation into one integrated process

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