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  • Books, serials, and monographs
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Get a.comprehensive view of life sciences research, including the most important discoveries, significant influences and relevant connections. Biosis Citation IndexSM.combines critical life sciences research with powerful citation indexing that only Web of Science™ provides.

Streamline Workflow with Powerful Search Platform

Subscribing to BIOSIS Citation Index delivers the value of the entire Web of Science. Web of Science is today's premier research platform for information in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Its sophisticated indexing backbone eases the researcher's job, providing seamless access and powerful search capabilities across multiple databases. So you can rely on.comprehensive and relevant life sciences coverage via a search environment that eliminates excess effort and delivers accurate, meaningful and timely data.


  • Find the first mention of plants, organisms, chemicals, or lab techniques in various life sciences fields
  • Access over 22 million records from journals, books, reports, meetings, and U.S. patents dating 1926 or later
  • Improve search results through a seamless indexing backbone that consolidates multiple database coding and indexing methodologies into one unified system
  • Discover high-impact articles and related records that are based on shared references
  • Detect emerging trends that help pursue successful research and grant acquisition
  • Follow the history or methodology of a topic
  • Create cross-disciplinary studies that confirm, change, or challenge researchers' theories and conclusions
  • Gain broad insights into research trends and top performers -- across disciplines, geography, and time
  • Facilitate grant acquisition with accurate,.comprehensive pictures of the work on research topics
  • See where the top life-science researchers are publishing and presenting findings
  • Transform searching, writing, and bibliography creation into one integrated process
  • Get a.comprehensive, yet focused, view of life sciences literature from a resource designed specifically for the


  • Covers all major areas in the life sciences, with broad coverage in molecular and cell biology, pharmacology, endocrinology, genetics, neurosciences, infectious diseases, ecology and organismal biology
  • Cited reference searching with a summary table to easily keep track of citation counts
  • Seamless access through one powerful search platform to unique citations not available elsewhere 
    • Over 5,300 high quality journals and serials back to 1926
    • Over 21 million records
    • Over 2.6 million documents from meetings and conferences
    • Abstracts for over 90% of the journal material
    • Non-journal coverage, including abstract meetings, as well as books (serials and monographs), and  U.S. patents
    • Broad international and regional coverage
  • Connect to full text as well as other important life science resources
  • Specialized, article-level indexing, with tags to vital data such as Enzyme Commission numbers, and cross-references throughout to gene, disease, and organism names

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