Web of Science Web Services (APIs)

Easier access to source data

If your institution subscribes to Web of Science® you can now access to source data for Web of Science records such as topic, title and author information with Web of Science Web Services.

Web Services allows for a real-time lookup of Web of Science source record information against Web of Science, using your institution's subscription entitlements. If a match is found, Web Services will return Web of Science article information such as: article title, authors, source data, author supplied keywords, and more. An academic institution can use this service to link into Web of Science from their library web page or institutional repository.

This service provides:
  • Access to formatted, current information for enhancing the institution’s repository.
  • Automatic, real time querying of multiple records eliminating the need for manual searches.
  • Deliverability of real-time Web of Science information into multiple institutional applications such as department web pages or institutional repository.

For more information on Web of Science Web Services click here to view the FAQ's.


IMPORTANT: We’re updating the Web Service that supports federated search systems. Experiencing problems with this Web Service? Contact Global Customer Support.

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