Start where discovery begins.

The Data Citation Index supports data discovery, reuse and interpretation that benefits everyone involved in the research lifecycle.

Researchers can:

  • Maximize your research efforts with access to the most influential repositories, data sets and studies from a single destination
  • Speed the time to discovery by building upon previous, quality digital research
  • Understand data in context through summary information connected to the work it informed
  • Track the use and importance of research data across multiple disciplines
  • Get a complete view of scholarly research output
  • Support proper attribution to data research through standard citation format

Librarians can:

  • Provide your researchers with a single resource for a complete view of scholarly output
  • Be confident that researchers have easy access to relevant data to enhance and expedite research
  • Expose the total impact of research output at your institution, beyond published content
  • As data citation practices becomes standardized,  provide your researchers with a more consistent and visible means of gaining attribution to their work
  • Help your researchers build data management plans by pointing to repositories that will expose their work

Funding Organizations can:

  • Increase the visibility of the important research your funding dollars enabled
  • Ensure the data you supported is discoverable to other researchers around the world
  • Search current available data and what research it has informed to prevent “double funding” and support iterative analysis

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