Chinese Science Citation Database

Discover the top research from the world's fastest growing

  • Track Chinese research trends, top authors, institutions, journals, and more
  • Determine if papers written about your discipline are available in Chinese
  • Discover if you've been cited in China
  • Produce high quality papers that reflect global trends and research
  • Trace national and international interactions
  • Identify qualified collaborators, reviews, editors and authors
  • Discover pockets of activity and centers of excellence

Clarivate partnered with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to host the Chinese Science Citation Database on the Web of Science. Fully integrated and searchable within Web of Science, this database covers approximately 1,200 top scholarly publications from China, with nearly 2 million records in total.

The Chinese Science Citation Database was the first non-English product available within Web of Science. Web of Science now supports Unicode — expanding search capabilities beyond English to character languages and empowering Chinese Science Citation Database and other Web of Science™ Core Collection users with new customization options. This upgrade makes it possible to present much of the bibliographic information in both Chinese (Simplified) and English

CSCD offers:

  • A broader and deeper search: Ability to search both Science Citation Database Expanded and Chinese Science Citation Database simultaneously
  • Conduct cited reference searching: Track prior research and monitor current developments, see who is citing your work, measure the influence of colleagues' work, and follow the path of today's hottest ideas. Navigate forward, backward and through the literature, searching all disciplines and time spans to discover information with impact.
  • Refine results capability — by document types, authors, source titles, publication years, institutions, and languages
  • Insightful Analysis Options: Find hidden trends and patterns, gain insight into emerging fields of research, and identify leading researchers, institutions, and journals with the Analyze Tool

The Chinese Science Citation Database is just one of the full collection of content and tools available in Web of Science that will help you explore the literature, analyze trends, measure impact, and get the full research picture.