The new Web of Science - Providing a better research tool

Web of Science: the next generation

You asked for a more intuitive search experience. And on January 12th, we unveiled an easier and more streamlined way for you to navigate our carefully curated citation index. We have improved your user experience, and renamed it. The Web of Knowledge — as you know it — is now simply the Web of Science.

Old and new designs

Underneath the new Web of Science umbrella, we feature the Web of Science Core Collection. The core collection is the foundation of the Web of Science and continues to be the premier resource for research discovery. It is still comprised of 100 years of valuable research, and is fully indexed and cross searchable. While we realigned the name, the rigorous standards employed to evaluate, select and index this content did not change.

Web of Science Core Collection

New intuitive interface

Improved page layout and readability of search results

New layout of full record data elements for easier readability