• Content is everything. Know your source.
    The rigorous selection process employed for Web of Science coverage guarantees that the best, most relevant journals contribute to the Journal Citation Reports® metrics. When we report on citation performance, we provide metrics that accurately represent the publishing trends and research behaviors of the

  • The most carefully vetted, validated and cultivated data.
    Every year as part of the production process for the Journal Citation Reports, we meticulously review millions of source items and cited references to ensure their accuracy. Only then are the JCR metrics calculated. It is this precision that is essential in generating reliable results. And it’s the kind of attention to detail we think should be expected of any premium resource.

  • Metrics are only as good as the data they’re based on
    Journal Citation Reports begins in Clarivate Analytics indexing of our premier collection of the world’s scholarly and professional research publications – a collection of nearly 1 billion cited references and 50 million source items collected over 60 years. The data are then aggregated at the level of the cited journal for the Journal Citation Reports, because it is scaled to support journal analysis. It is this distinction that enables the JCR to provide the most.comprehensive view of the journal landscape today.