Thomson Reuters Scientific and Scholarly Research - Innovation Challenge

Challenge Timeline


The dynamics of search and discovery are ever-changing, and researchers have to keep up. The Innovation Challenge – positioned as a two-part engagement – leveraged input from the global scholarly and scientific research community, encouraging participants to take data and serve it up in exactly the way it works for researchers. In Challenge 1 – the Ideation Challenge – participants presented creative use cases for how to engage in new behaviors beyond what is currently possible with online research portals. Participants in Challenge 2 – the Build Challenge – were a pool of problem-solvers tasked with building a programmatic interface or "app" using Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge application programming interfaces.

Winners of Challenge 1

1st place: Giving "Web of Knowledge" a whole new meaning: Capitalizing on citation networks for mining scientific information. Submitted by: This submission wishes to remain anonymous

2nd place: Personalized Scholarly Portals. Submitted by: Mark N. Ziats, MD-PhD Student, Baylor College of Medicine and University of Cambridge

3rd place: Visual timeline display of papers. Submitted by: Anna Furches, Graduate Student, University of Tennessee



Challenge 1

  • Mike Takats
    Mike Takats
    Dir Product Strategy, Search & Discovery
  • Mona Vernon
    Mona Vernon
    Sr. Director, Emerging Technologies
  • Zhang Fan
    Zhang Fan
    Senior Manager of Products & Solutions Specialist of China at Thomson Reuters
  • Larry Greenley
    Larry Greenley
    Director, Software Engineering

  • Uwe Wendland
    Uwe WendlandCountry Manager, Germany, Turkey, Middle East & Africa

Challenge 2

  • David Toliver
    David Toliver
    Solutions Architect, IP & Science Technology
  • Norimasa Nomura
    Norimasa Nomura
    Technical Consultant, IP & Science Technology
  • William F Dowling
    William F Dowling
    Senior Technologist, IP & Science Technology
  • Gopala Kuntamukkula
    Gopala Kuntamukkula
    Department Manager, Software Engineer

  • Eftim Pop-Lazarov
    Eftim Pop-LazarovAsset Owner, IP & Science Technology