TESTIMONIAL: Ms. Ji-yeon Han


Korea's Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

Ms. Ji-yeon Han, Reference Librarian


Ms. Ji-yeon Han says her institution needs the citation indexing support only Thomson Scientific can provide.

"I think Thomson's Science Citation Index  is the best. It is easy to use, and it covers science and technology well. It is very organized, not random at all. Plus, it is very indepth."

In addition to being ranked number one by Asiaweek in 1998, according to Thomson Scientific each POSTECH faculty member is cited on average 2.9 times in international papers. "We are very serious about our research," Ms. Han explains.

Because POSTECH is among Asia's top research universities, having quick and easy access to the best citation index database is a top priority for Ms. Han. With more than 500 researchers, 1,300 graduate students and 200 faculty at this prestigious institution, Ms. Han credits the Science Citation Index as an essential part of POSTECH's cutting-edge status. She remarks, "Our researchers use the Thomson products more than anything else."

POSTECH is home to the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, PAL, Korea's only synchrotron light accelerator. With 14 beam lines currently under operation, more than 3,000 international scientists have conducted nearly 800 research projects since 2000. With eight additional beam lines to be installed by the end of 2004, PAL will become one of the largest synchrotron radiation facilities in the world.

With this kind of pressure on her university's researchers, Ms. Han enjoys the peace of mind Thomson's customer support gives her. "We are very happy with Thomson's response whenever we need help," she reports.