Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Peggy Dominy , Information Services Librarian for Sciences and Math

Web of Science and ISI Web of Knowledge  are important research tools at Drexel University. Today, three hundred full-time faculty members and more than 10,000 graduate and undergraduate students can access Thomson Reuters' Scientific products.

Peggy Dominy is the Information Service Librarian for Science at Drexel. She says, "I've found the Web of Science interface easily accessible, simple and straightforward. It's easy to link to full text and to perform searches that cross disciplines."

"The ability to do specific as well as broader searches using Web of Science is important to our researchers," explains Ms. Dominy. Specific searches can target data in a number of ways.

"There was a time when Web of Science limited broad searches to 500 citations and specific data searching to 250 resources," says Ms. Dominy. But when she and others asked Thomson Reuters Scientific to expand the limits to accommodate larger data sets, members of the customer service department listened. The limits were eliminated.

Thomson's responsiveness to users' needs is also evident in a simple suggestion Ms. Dominy made herself. The Drexel librarian explains, "When examining search results, I noticed that you needed to scroll down several pages to find the total number of hits. I merely suggested that the number appear at the top of the first page. Now, in the new version it does."

According to Ms. Dominy, easy accessibility on- and off-site, a straightforward interface, the ability to search across disciplines and customer service that responds to researchers' needs are all benefits that make Thomson Reuters products valuable research tools at Drexel University.