Over 20 million researchers at over 4,700 institutions in 98 countries base their research, planning, and budget decisions on the content and analytics they find in Clarivate Web of Knowledge.

Web of Knowledge delivers critical information and decision support tools for information professionals, students, researchers and scientists around the world.

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If you research:

  • Identify the most appropriate, influential journals in which to publish
  • Produce high-quality papers that reflect novel ideas and emerging trends
  • Quickly identify potential collaborators with prolific, significant citation records
  • Track your own citation record to demonstrate your work's impact

If you teach:

  • Familiarize your students with tools for research success, such as cited reference searching and analysis capabilities
  •  Assure that your students are using the highest quality resources — finding valuable information in journals they may not have the knowledge and experience to seek on their own
  •  Show your students the difference between basing research on open Web searches versus a selective, high-quality collection of journals, patents, proceedings, and Web content

If you need to demonstrate the value of research and resources:

  • Use publishing and citation patterns as part of faculty, departmental and institutional evaluation
  • Identify research trends for efficient allocation of research funding within an institution
  • Compare your institution to peer institutions
  • Use citation analysis to assist with the accreditation process for new majors and fields of study
  • Access objective, citation-based metrics to measure journal influence and impact, easing collection management and budget decisions

Intelligent Information

Intelligent information is the right information, delivered the right way with tools and services to provide insight and opportunity.

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We have a great interest in the history of science and technology, so allowing researchers to search documents prior to 1945 would enhance their work in this area. There is currently nothing like this (Century of Science™) available anywhere [else]. It's truly unique.

Gregg Silvis, Assistant Director for Library Computing Systems, University of Delaware Library

I expect to see a rise in thesis/paper quality with the implementation of Web of Science, and I have no doubt that this search platform will be a big hit among students.

Chad Hoefler, Assistant Professor of Biology, Arcadia University