Thank you for your interest in helping to define authors accurately in Web of Knowledge and related products. In the .coming months, publications claimed within ResearcherID will enable adjustments to the sets determined by Web of Knowledge.

You can continue to provide feedback on your publications through ResearcherID, a free dedicated to accurate author identification. By adding publications you have authored to the "My Publications" list within your ResearcherID profile, you will aid in increasing accuracy of author identification in the Web of Knowledge.

Since this information is made public on Web of Science records, it is important to make sure that the ResearcherID "My Publications" list contains only publications for which you are an author. If you wish to collect the work of other researchers in ResearcherID, you can do so using the optional Publication List One and Publication List Two.

Please follow the instructions below, based on whether you currently are a member or are not a member of ResearcherID.

ResearcherID numbers are searchable in the Web of Science, and links to ResearcherID publication lists are available in the full record for participating authors with public profiles. Publications from your ResearcherID "My Publication" list that overlap with the Web of Science are associated and updated on a weekly basis.

With the July 2011 release of Web of Knowledge, you can send publications directly to your ResearcherID "My Publications" list from any search results, full record or Marked List page.

ResearcherID Members

  1. Use the new direct export option available in Web of Science or Log in to ResearcherID
  2. Once logged in, click on the "Add Publications" button for your "My Publication list."
  3. Add publications that you have written by searching Web of Science, Distinct Author Sets, and other Web of Knowledge entitled collections or by using online search within EndNote Web.

    ReseacherID-adding publications

ResearcherID non-Members

  1. Register for ResearcherID here (if you are already registered in Web of Knowledge or EndNote Web we r.commend registering with the same username and password to simplify your login procedures).
  2. Once you've received registration confirmation you can log in to ResearcherID
  3. Follow instructions above.

As always, your feedback is we.comed and encouraged so we can continue to provide the most accurate information for your scholarly research needs.

If you have questions, you may contact us at Global Customer Support.